About the trio


is a high octane noise band that takes folk music out of it's depths.


plays to transform folk music and shatter it's boundaries, but behind our violent approach to the music we all share a profound love for folk music.


is heavy-grooving folk music, neatly spiced up with everything from metal to drum'n'bass. Trio Svin delivers a well-placed roundhouse kick in the groin to its listeners with their unyielding sound. A sound which stems from the members' different musical backgrounds in classical violin, rock drums and metal bas. The boys in Trio Svin makes sure that folk music will never be the same again!

5-strenget violin

As a wee young lad, Thyge began playing the violin. He is born and raised on nordic folk music, but he has over the years turned to the dark side of the American folk music. Thyge has illegally imported the dirty blues sound and aggression into the trio.


Magnus is a pure-bred folk music family-kid. With no chance of escape, he has endured and actually thrived in the Danish folk environment. He is raised with traditional music and dance and loves playing together. With his energetic and primal drum playing, Magnus makes sure that the trio never stands still.

12-strenget guitar

Søren started out as a long-haired metal bassist. After many years of suburban garageband noise, Søren was redeemed by folk music and is now a true folk believer. Søren brings the sound of foul and unpleasant heavy metal into the trio and cares for and nurtures the deep-end register.